Try our procedures

There is really special time, when people cannot relax, because they have lots of work and there is not much free time. It is not good entrance, because our body need relax and new energy, so you should find good activity that can help you. We have for example nuru massage for you, so why don´t try it? It is really special procedure that can help you, you can clean your head in nice place. Why don´t know something special that you never tried? You definitely should come into our salon, because you can find here your intimacy and you will know the right pleasure, which you not tried ever before!

You will not bemoan

It is really hard to find really good activity, because someone needs sport for relaxation and someone else would like go to the pub. Our salons are in all bigger cities in our republic, so you can enjoy these services not only in Prague. If you want, you can look at our websites, where you will find photos of our masseuses, but also all information about procedures. You can read about classic type, but also about tantra or nuru procedures.